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Professional Headshots

How Important is your professional headshot?  Did you know human beings process visual information, like a headshot,  65,000 times faster than text?

Many prospective clients, hiring and casting managers may never take the time to read your carefully crafted LinkedIn profile or resume if they can’t get past your headshot.

Whether you are an executive, business owner or an actor, your headshot is the centerpiece of your brand and the essence of your first impression.  Manage it with authority and distinction.

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Executive Headshots

What’s the value of your executive headshot?  Perhaps consider the lifetime value of your brand?

Did you know your earning power is likely your single largest asset.  Seriously.  If you are 30 years old for example and earn $100,000 per year and work until age 65 then you’re going to earn $3,500,000 between now and 65…and likely much more if we include raises and promotions.

Your headshot is an investment in your personal brand and an essential element of your executive presence.  It’s not “just a headshot.”  Make the most of a headshot session and invest in yourself.

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Making a great headshot image isn’t about being “photogenic,” it’s about being your best, most confident and approachable self. 

I’ve developed a process that will teach you transferrable skills to ensure you look good in front of ANY camera.  I call them “Party Tricks”  because they also work at parties when someone points a phone camera in your direction! 

Come join my party and let’s make the best headshot you’ve ever had.

–  Damon Bates –

Actor Headshots

Do you feel feel intimidated by a camera?  Totally get it!  Having your photograph made can be daunting for some.  It’s very different from being on stage.

My process is fun and engaging, not intimidating.  One of my greatest joys is when clients not only tell me they love their actor headshot but they loved the process and tell me they had fun too.

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LinkedIn Headshots

Your LinkedIn headshot is the visual gateway to your next opportunity.  Make sure your headshot appropriately conveys both competence and confidence.

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Corporate Headshots

Do you feel like you don’t look your best in your corporate headshot?  I hear this all the time.  Frankly, it’s not your job to know how to look your best in a headshot.

That’s our job…and it’s not intuitive.  Looking good in your headshot requires skills that must be learned.  Oh, and these are very transferrable skills that are fun too.  I call these skills “Party Tricks”

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Business Owner Headshots

Do you ever feel you’re not photogenic?  Rest easy!  It’s not you, really.  Many people feel that way, but…  Everyone is photogenic.

MY job is to identify your features we want to accentuate in a manner that oozes approachable confidence in your business owner headshot.

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Headshot Cost

How much should you invest in your headshot?  You should plan on spending about 1-2% of your earnings every 18-24 months to maintain your personal brand and develop executive presence.

That includes your headshot, wardrobe, hair and makeup and other recourses.

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Team Headshots

Need team headshots for your entire crew?  We’re happy to come to you for groups of 6 or more.  Team headshots are a great way to drive team engagement whether done in your office or at an offsite event.

Headshot Testimonials


    My husband and I went to Damon for some professional headshots. Although this was a first for us, the entire experience was easy, relaxing and believe it or not, fun. Damon was a true pleasure to work with. The shoot was swift, professional, friendly, and it delivered way past our expectations. We had a great time sorting through the proofs – for once we didn’t feel like we had to choose the ‘least terrible’- we had many, many excellent choices. We both look natural but fun & energetic. We would happily go back to Damon if we needed additional photos, and would highly recommend him!!!!

    Mona I

    Damon produced high quality “approachable confidence” headshots for our firm website. We provide professional services to high net worth clients and image is important. Damon’s photo sessions are professional, detail oriented yet efficient; he captures the very best of his subjects. We will use Damon again!

    Anna S

    We have found that working with Damon is a phenomenal experience. His photos are extremely high quality, very professional and he understands how important these images are to representing our brand. He also is skilled at capturing people’s personality and spark, which makes the images communicate more powerfully and effectively than run-of-the-mill head shots.

    I also very much appreciate how expert Damon is at working with the people he photographs, in a way that is engaging and enjoyable to those participating, while also respectful of their time and what matters to them in creating their image for public view. He and his team are talented, professional, and extremely responsive, and exceeded our expectations in raising the profile of our team and our company.

    Roanne N

    Damon knows his stuff. He walked me through the headshot process and knew how to get me to show off my best self, and best look. It was quick and painless, but also fun. In the review process Damon showed me what to look for and why its important. Overall a great experience, and an educational one.

    Mike M

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a hair and make-up artist?

    I do not recommend or use a make-up artist for men, but nearly require make-up talent for women. Quality make-up applied in a skilled manner by one of my make-up artists can be transformative for a headshot.  The look we achieve is very sheer yet also very deliberate and creates a beautiful and luminous image that can only be achieved with a professional make-up artist.  All the women’s headshots you see on this site have had their hair and makeup professionally done.

  • What should I wear?

    Prior to your session I’ll send you a detailed note on wardrobe and accessories. In general, simplicity rules.  We want YOU to be the star not your wardrobe or accessories.  Nothing should distract the viewer from your image.  Neutral colors are often best but bold colors can work well too, particularly for women.  Busy prints, however, should be avoided

  • What color background do you recommend?

    White, black and several shades of gray are all available. Generally, for executive headshots I prefer a dark gray because it goes well with all website branding color pallets and, like a charcoal suit, it has a classic vibe and executive presence.

  • Would you recommend color or black and white?

    Generally, we recommend color. People see in color and when putting your personal brand out there it’s usually best to engage your audience in the manner they will actually see you.  There are some exceptions, in the arts for example, where black and white is occasionally preferred and we are happy to accommodate.

  • I hate having my picture taken…how can you help me?

    I totally get it! I have yet to meet ANYONE who loves being in front of the camera.  Don’t worry you’re in good company.  My process is fun, disarming and educational too.  You’ll also learn skills that will help you look your best in front of any camera, even a phone camera.  I call them “Party Tricks!”

  • How much should I spend on a headshot?

    What is the economic value of your personal brand?   Your earning power is your single largest asset.  Plan on spending about 1% of your earnings every 18-24 months to maintain your personal brand and develop executive presence.  That includes your headshot, wardrobe, hair and makeup and other recourses.

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About me

In addition to being a photographer I’m also a 30+ year marketing and sales executive.  My team’s work has been featured on national television and every major national media outlet.

My photographic legacy began, however,  when my grandfather James Bates, Sr. jumped  into northern France on D-Day as a combat photographer.  My dad Jim, Jr. also went on to lead Macy’s photo studio in NYC.

I love scuba diving wrecks in the North Atlantic and Great Lakes,  motorcycling, and doing virtually anything with my 3 boys and Sarah my wife of 30+ years.